How to setup ExpressionEngine with SparkPost

If you’re looking to use a reliable email service to send mail from ExpressionEngine using a contact form and the likes, SparkPost has a free tier that is adequate for most small to medium sized websites. In a nutshell, here is what you need to make sure:

  • The server your CMS is on does not block outgoing connections to port 587 or 2525
  • You must choose the Newline Character as \r\n in ExpressionEngine.
  • The connection type must be STARTTLS in ExpressionEngine.
  • Lastly, the from email address in your contact form must be from the domain you verified in SparkPost.

Aside from these settings, on ExpressionEngine’s side you must specify the from to address in the contact form as an email from the SparkPost verified domain, and add a field for the user to input their email to be in the body of the message.

Follow SparkPost’s instructions to use them as an SMTP relay and you’re all set.