TrailTalk: A Project of Our Own

Over a year ago we began work on a project that is the brain child of Willow Light Studio. This project allows us to put all our knowledge and experience into a website that we can call our own. Our goal with this new website is (but not limited to):

  • Share our passion of the outdoors with others, and have others share theirs with us
  • Provide a valuable resource to outdoor enthusiasts
  • Connect outdoor enthusiasts with each other and local organizations
  • Inspire people and families to spend more time outdoors

We have big ideas and plans for this project, but are realistic that many of these ideas will have to be developed over time as both time and resources are limited. We are fully committed to making it a success, and also implementing every good idea with the goal of providing a valuable resource for outdoor enthusiasts.

The name and logo were conceived by the two Willow Light Studio staff, Pedro Guimaraes and Sara DeRico. The concept was brought to life by local Maine artist, Daria Norvlaan of Luksin Designs who also created other artwork for the website.

The website will launch on the first day of Spring in 2016.