TajMo wins GRAMMY for Best Contemporary Blues Album

Our client TajMo - The Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ Band has won a GRAMMY for Best Contemporary Blues Album at the 2018 Grammy Awards. Have a look at the website we designed and build for TajMo, and check out the lyric video we produced that first introduced TajMo to the world!

Six tips to drive customers to your local business

Have an optimized mobile site

Face it, the phone is the primary way people browse the web these days. Your website on a mobile device should have your address, phone number and hours right on the front page. If you have a restaurant, it’s also essential to have a sample menu and prices to help in the decision making process.

Make sure you add your business to both Google Maps and Yelp

When someone is on the road and looking for a place to eat at or where to get a nice bottle of wine, the #1 action they’ll take is Google what they are looking for. Google will then use their location and display the results from Google Maps first. The same is true for Maps on the iPhone, which gets its listings from Yelp.

Encourage your customers to leave reviews on both Google and Yelp.

Equally important is that when someone sees your listing, they also see that it’s highly rated. There’ll always be that one disgruntled person who will leave you a bad review, your way to counter that is to encourage your loyal customers to share their experience in a review.

Keep your hours updated everywhere

It sounds simple, but when you have a website, Facebook, Google Maps and Yelp to update, this can easily become a task and be overlooked. Don’t. The only thing worse than someone not coming to your business because they can’t find the hours, is for them to show up when you are closed. Bottom line, it’ll only take you about 10 minutes to update the hours.

Make Instagram your friend

Instagram is a great visual way for people to get a feel for what you are about. Using a lot of hashtags will also help you be found by people who are in your area and interested in your service/product.

Focus on quality vs quantity

While it’s important to keep your website and social media feeds relatively fresh, your focus should be on quality — content value. Make it interesting and keep your customers engaged!.

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How to setup ExpressionEngine with SparkPost

If you’re looking to use a reliable email service to send mail from ExpressionEngine using a contact form and the likes, SparkPost has a free tier that is adequate for most small to medium sized websites. In a nutshell, here is what you need to make sure:

  • The server your CMS is on does not block outgoing connections to port 587 or 2525
  • You must choose the Newline Character as \r\n in ExpressionEngine.
  • The connection type must be STARTTLS in ExpressionEngine.
  • Lastly, the from email address in your contact form must be from the domain you verified in SparkPost.

Aside from these settings, on ExpressionEngine’s side you must specify the from to address in the contact form as an email from the SparkPost verified domain, and add a field for the user to input their email to be in the body of the message.

Follow SparkPost’s instructions to use them as an SMTP relay and you’re all set.

Major ExpressionEngine update for ShoreFire Media

We just completed a major with ExpressionEngine 3 update for ShoreFire Media. Aside from getting all the benefits of EE3, we were able to get rid of 7 third party addons and replace them with native fields and functionality.

The updated codebase will be easier to maintain and to update to newer versions of ExpressionEngine in the future.

Check out ShoreFire’s website